Memories of the ‘68 revolutions collected for database

Nearly 500 activists from more than 100 activist networks in 14 European countries have been interviewed about their involvement in the 1968 revolutions in Europe for a database.

The project led by an international research team of historians at Oxford University included hundreds of interviews which asked participants how they became involved in activism, their experiences in 1968 and what they now think about their activist past.

The database called “Around 1968: Activism, Networks, Trajectories” seeks to make sense of that turbulent time and also to understand why people got involved.

Professor Robert Gildea of Oxford University’s Faculty of History, who led the project, explained, “What is interesting are the paths people took after the dust settled on ’68. Some renounced their radicalism and are embarrassed about it today while others have modified their radicalism into support for other causes such as inequality and racism.”

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