Myths, explanations and why we’re double booked

We’re thrilled to announce the release of two books.

The Explainer. From déjà vu to why the sky is blue, is a collection of our popular “explainer” articles: engaging explanations on concepts that make you stop and wonder, from ‘what is a black hole’, to how vaccines work, whether luck actually exists, and just why it is that whales get stranded. The Explainer is produced in collaboration with CSIRO Publishing and is available to purchase for A$19.95.

Also just launched is 99 & counting: Medical Myths Debunked, a collection of articles in our ‘Monday medical myth’ series. We’ve taken common health tips and applied a useful dose of evidence. Did you know that reading in dim light doesn’t harm your eyes? Or that rugging up isn’t how you avoid catching a cold? (Or that we’re all so prolific in sharing medical misinformation?)

99 & counting: Medical Myths Debunked is produced in collaboration with the philanthropic organisation Future Leaders. They give books away at no cost and have 250 free copies of 99 & counting: Medical Myths Debunked available to readers. To request a copy email your mailing address to (This offer is limited to the first 250 readers, to Australian postal addresses, and one book per person.)

If you are fortunate to receive a free book, please consider a tax-deductible donation to The Conversation.

And whilst we’re talking books stay tuned for the upcoming release in the coming weeks of The Story of the 2013 Election: Insight & analysis from Australia’s leading minds.

Thanks to all the authors whose articles have been republished in these books under our Creative Commons license.

Happy reading. And yes, that can be in dim light if you wish.