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Link between sleep disorders and dementia

Older women suffering from sleep-relating breathing problems could be more susceptible to problems with mental function and…

Poor health can lead to dementia

Maintaining very good health including good sight, hearing and break-free bones may lower a person’s risk of developing dementia…
Some see the ageing population as a burden on the health system. xavi talleda/flickr

Forget me not: preventing suicide among the elderly

With public attention firmly focused on the increase in the suicide rate among people under the age of 35 in the last 20 years, few people are aware that those aged 75 years and over, particularly males…
Mental stimulation can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. nany mata/Flickr

Victims of our own success: why more of us are facing dementia

When we think of dementia, we tend to imagine it as a condition that goes hand in hand with old age. What’s not talked about is the fact the diseases that cause it have a long genesis. Alzheimer’s Australia…

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