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In a first for Australia, an ovarian tissue transplant has helped a woman fall pregnant after chemotherapy.

Post-chemo woman pregnant after ovary tissue transplant

For the first time ever in Australia, a woman whose chemotherapy rendered her infertile has fallen pregnant using ovarian…
If infertility if defined as an inability to deliver a live baby after five years of trying, the global infertility rate hasn’t shifted much in the last 20 years.

Global study finds infertility rate stable

Infertility rates worldwide have remained relatively unchanged over the last 20 years, a new global study has found. The…
Those who know the identity of their donor from a young age are less likely to experience psychological problems. Ron Wiecki

Rights of donor children must come before egg donation compensation

University of Tasmania academic Meredith Nash recently argued on The Conversation that women who donate their eggs for fertility treatments should be financially compensated. It’s a risky and time-consuming…
A human egg being worked on in an IVF clinic. Adrian Wiggins

IVF treatment for older women: is age the greatest concern?

Considerable public controversy exists around the question of access to in-vitro fertilisation treatment (IVF) for older women. Some support unlimited, publicly-funded access for all infertile women and…
A hormone known to be in camel semen, and now found in humans, may give infertile couples a reason to smile. Nick Taylor

Hormones in semen could lead to better infertility treatment

Many animals, including humans, have a regular ovulation cycle, where an egg or eggs (depending on which type of animal) are released from the ovary regardless of whether mating has taken place or not…
Most couples having trouble conceiving are sub-fertile (rather than sterile) and may conceive naturally. kendrak/Flickr

Help women conceive with better information about menstruation

Most couples who seek reproductive assistance are sub-fertile, rather than sterile, and may conceive naturally. But for this to to be optimised, they need to accurately time intercourse on the fertile…
The chemicals in cigarette smoke trigger genes that kill egg cells in women. Flickr/Junjan

Chemicals in cigarette smoke linked to lower fertility

Young girls who are exposed to cigarette smoke could experience reduced fertility later in life, a three-year study has found…

SpermComet: new male infertility test

A new test for male infertility, measuring damaged DNA in individual sperm, has been developed at Queen’s University Belfast…
Poor sperm quality is a characteristic common to all men, not just some. Aldo Risolvo/Flickr

Old faithful: is monogamy the root cause of male infertility?

Infertility plagues one in six Australian couples, and in approximately half of these cases the problem lies in poor semen quality. The discovery that a man has poor semen quality can be emotionally challenging…

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