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Apple’s “visionary and creative genius” has died at the age of 56. Apple

RiP Steve Jobs – the CEO we felt we knew

Apple founder Steve Jobs, one of the technology industry’s most influential figures, has died after a battle with cancer, at 56. In a brief statement, the company announced his death without giving a specific…
Apple founder Steve Jobs revolutionised our relationship with computers and phones, experts say. AAP

Apple founder Steve Jobs dead

Apple founder Steve Jobs, widely seen as one of tech industry’s most influential figures, has died after a battle with cancer…
Stepping into the shoes of Steve Jobs was never going to be easy. EPA

The iPhone 4S: has Tim Cook started his tenure as Apple CEO with a dud?

If Steve Jobs’ illness wasn’t so apparent, one could be forgiven for thinking he had deliberately left Apple when he did to avoid making the “Let’s Talk iPhone” announcements. Instead, it was left to Apple’s…
Apple chief steve Jobs exits, but his grip on the company is likely to remain.

Will Steve Jobs’ resignation shake Apple to its core?

“God dammit, Gil,” shouted Bill Gates. “Why are you spending $400 million on this junk? Steve knows nothing about technology. He’s just a kind of super salesman. Virtually everything he thinks and says…
Newly annointed Apple chief Tim Cook with Steve Jobs: just how well will the succession pan out? AAP

The day that had to come for Apple

For the second time in its history, Steve Jobs will move away from running the company. If history is any judge, this won’t go well for Apple. But there are lots of reasons to think why history will be…
Apple might not use location information for its own benefit, so why collect it? AAP

Is Steve Jobs right about iPhone tracking?

Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, hit back at reports yesterday that the company’s iPhones track the movements of its 100 million users. The charge was that Apple was storing a database of this information, to which…

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