Politics podcast: Gareth Evans on being an Incorrigible Optimist

Politics Podcast: Gareth Evans on being an Incorrigible Optimist.

This podcast is a recording of an In Conversation with Gareth Evans, former foreign minister and currently chancellor of the Australian National University, which took place on October 12 in Canberra at a dinner of university chancellors from around Australia.

The occasion was hosted by University of Canberra Chancellor Tom Calma in collaboration with ANU.

Evans talks with Michelle Grattan about his new book, Incorrigible Optimist, in which he writes of his decades of experiences in politics and the policymaking process. The memoir is fashioned around issues, but with lots of personal touches and anecdotes.

Among other subjects, Evans puts forward his views on education – and how to be a good chancellor.

This recording was produced in collaboration with ANU and Melbourne University Publishing.