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Poor Canadian kids perform better at school than Australian peers

Canadian students from low socioeconomic backgrounds perform better than Australian students in a similar situation, researchers have found.

Researchers compared the results of young Australian and Canadian students' maths and reading tests.

The findings show the relationship between school socioeconomic status and academic achievement is greater in Australia than in Canada.

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  1. Clive Conroy

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    This finding does not surprise me one bit. I have been a public secondary teacher in both countries. In Canada, it was as an exchange teacher for one year and therefore at only one high school. The difference, however, was very noticeable. Although I didn't perform any comparison tests, from general observations I would say that Canadian students would out-perform Australian students from a similar background. My exchangee for that year agreed. At the time, this bothered me a great deal. What…

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  2. James Hill

    Industrial Designer

    Google The Rev John Dunmore Lang on the genesis of this difference which he prophetically attributed to the inevitable dominance of English and Irish religious attitudes to education, in general, going from benign neglect to outright antagonism.
    One must presume that the Canadian population is less dominated than Australia by cultures which are antagonistic to public education.
    Again, read what the good Reverend had to say.