Ben Heard

My passion for sustainability is now over ten years old. It inspired a career change by way of a Masters in Corporate Sustainability Management at Monash University. I founded ThinkClimate Consulting after many years spent in large professional firms working on a range of climate, sustainability and stakeholder consultation challenges.

I wanted to bring a new approach with ThinkClimate, a nimble organisation that works tirelessly to meet our client’s needs with specialist skills in research, analysis, and strategy development in sustainability and climate change. It’s about building the thinking and processes to drive evidence-based sustainability decisions, for the good of your organisation and the world. I care deeply about our ecology and natural systems. I am also a modern environmentalist who loves humanity and believes in our collective potential.

Over the last three years, a range of organisations have benefited from our approach, including governments, large and small private organisations and members of the not-for-profit sector.

When not delivering projects, I enjoy teaching sustainability and climate change at Adelaide University and advocating further action on climate change through the deployment of nuclear power. The nuclear advocacy has been a surprising journey for me, one you can read about in more detail here .

When I’m not doing those things I enjoy spending time with my family, staying fit and living a fine life in Adelaide.

If you are looking for a personalised, strategic approach to address your organisation’s climate and sustainability challenges, please contact ThinkClimate Consulting.