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    Benjamin Arrow commented on The horror at the heart of Australian cinema

    Bringing a national transition to a proper NBN could facilitate a breath of fresh air into the industry. If it were to be possible to jump online and download or stream new Australian productions from…

  2. Benjamin Arrow
    Benjamin Arrow commented on The Tony Abbott I know

    Wow, this is truly a terrible article. Self serving, lacking considered and testable content, completely subjective and basically is the class of an opinion piece for tabloid magazines. Though this was…

  3. Benjamin Arrow
    Benjamin Arrow replied to a Comment on I F@#%ing Love ... Sexism

    I have been following IFLS for a long time, and my reaction was indifference. Science is gender neutral, and sex shouldn't come into play at all. Hell, just go read some journal publications, you…

  4. Benjamin Arrow
    Benjamin Arrow commented on Hot summer? Yes: the hottest

    I thought it was a hot summer. Having spikes of record breaking climate events in a concentrated time period surely has to start to put the notion that it is not random variability in the system, but…