Collection Manager, Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO

Dr Beth Mantle is responsible for managing and developing the Australian National Insect Collection to ensure its current and future security and integrity as Australia's pre-eminent entomological collection.
Dr Mantle's current activities include monitoring and prioritising the curation activities of the collection, supporting and leading technical staff in the maintenance and expansion of the collection, and providing input into the future development of the collection to align with the broader goals set out in the CSIRO Strategic Plan.

The Australian National Insect Collection is an important research collection that is used by CSIRO researchers, university staff and students, and scientists from Australian and international research institutions.

Dr Mantle assists government, research and industry groups with utilising the collection to explore evolutionary biology, taxonomy, natural resource management, understanding ecosystems and biodiversity, quarantine decisions, and bio-geographic studies.


  • 2009–present
    Collection Manager, Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO
  • 2008–2009
    Catchment Coordinator, Ginninderra Catchment Group


    University of Queensland, PhD/Muscle physiology
  • 2003 
    Univeristy of Queensland, Bachelor of Science (Zoology) Honours 1A


  • 2011
    Methods for Collecting, Preserving and Studying Insects..., Australian Entomological Society
  • 2010
    Enzyme activity in the aestivating Green-striped burrowing frog (Cyclorana alboguttata), Journal of Comparative Physiology B
  • 2009
    Skeletal muscle atrophy occurs slowly and selectively during prolonged aestivation in C. alboguttata, Journal of Experimental Biology
  • 2009
    Metabolic depression during aestivation does not involve remodelling of membrane fatty acids..., Journal of Comparative Physiology B

Research Areas

  • Zoology (0608)
  • Ecological Physiology (060203)
  • Terrestrial Ecology (060208)
  • Bioinformatics (060102)