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Brian Boss

  1. Brian Boss
    Brian Boss commented on Gillard and Abbott bet on Australia's xenophobia

    This is a fairly spot on reading of the situation Michelle. Labor is clearly speaking in 'bogan' to reach the bogans. So what. Why is it that labor is always held to higher standard than the coalition…

  2. Brian Boss
    Brian Boss commented on Labor wonders where the glory days went

    So what is this based on Michelle, a few Tory media polls? and what the Tory opinionators think of Labor? What about a discussion of their policies? You know, the ones that saved us from the GFC and have…

  3. Brian Boss
    Brian Boss replied to a Comment on Sydney's west: Labor's black hole

    "Howard government returned some of the fruits of the boom to taxpayers via tax cuts, in order to foster productivity in a sustainable way-" huh? sounds like a Tory Platitude to me. So did productivity…

  4. Brian Boss
    Brian Boss commented on Milne fights battle for Green relevance

    Mandate!!! lololololollol. You old tories crack me up. The weirdo republicans in the US and their sisters, the LNP over hear have trashed the meaning of the word 'mandate' with their juvenile…