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    Chloe Adams commented on Kochie, the boobs and the feminist bait

    "By allowing Kochie’s comments to inflame, protesters are both validating his low-brow techniques and helping deliver him more publicity. Who wins? Kochie solidifies his fan base: those who love…

  2. Chloe Adams
    Chloe Adams commented on The attraction of political apathy

    The way I see it now, more positively I may add, is that being older has provided me with the freedom to engage in pursuits I choose. While I'd modify my view on relationships and say that it's…

  3. Chloe Adams
    Chloe Adams commented on The myth of premenstrual moodiness

    The inner skeptic in me says that this article is just reiterating what reviews state, but there are no meaningful conclusions here. Why? Well for starters, who really has the time to analyse each study…

  4. Chloe Adams
    Chloe Adams commented on Videogame addiction – fact or fantasy?

    The addictive quality of a game is not related to its content per se or rather, the moral issues associated with content (violence, horror or, in the case of WoW, the propensity for odd cyber relationships…

  5. Chloe Adams
    Chloe Adams commented on The upside of being loathed

    I'm not a fan of Canadian exports... For me, Margaret Atwood is the literary equivalent of Nickleback. I can barely get through her pretentious short stories. Her recent attempt at poetry in the science…

  6. Chloe Adams
    Chloe Adams commented on Wanking and writing and writing and wanking

    I love Jacobson for his humour, which I think is a quality that few writers have or bother to cultivate. Humour is essential, and I don't mean the laugh out loud comedic type of humour, but the humour…

  7. Chloe Adams
    Chloe Adams commented on Explainer: what is a null hypothesis?

    It's not as simple as listing what the null is and what is isn't. Research is not that simple and null hypthesis testing is riddled with flaws. There are a minority of psychologists that have been…