Christophe Cleguer

PostDoctoral Research Fellow, Murdoch University

Dr. Christophe Cleguer is originally from Brittany, France, but has lived in the Western Pacific region for 10 years. Chris completed his MSc in Biological Sciences at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and his PhD at James Cook University in Townsville (Australia) in 2015. He has broad research interests in spatial ecology and conservation of marine mammals with a particular interest in dugong (Dugong dugon) ecology, conservation and management. During his PhD, Chris worked closely with resource managers and local communities in New Caledonia to inform the conservation and management of dugongs at several spatial and temporal scales. Chris has a strong experience in using a range of tools including aerial surveys, satellite tracking technologies and GIS to investigate the abundance, distribution, movement patterns, habitat use of dugongs and the activities that threaten them. Chris particularly enjoys conducting community-based participatory research on marine mammals to help local communities preserving the resources they rely on.