Christopher Leads

PhD 1978 University of Bath 'Role of Sulphur Dioxide in the flavour and sensory qualities of fresh British Pork Sausages'. Industrial sponsor Lucas Ingredients Ltd. Supervisors R. Board / J Lee
Food and Industrial Microbiologist
40+ years industrial experience
Main areas of experience (in same sequence as career):

Brewing, continuous Industrial fermentation (development of Quorn by RHM Foods), savoury food ingredients, batters, coatings, crumbs, flour milling, bulk manufacture of savoury products (sausages, pies, cured pork products), spices, herbs and compound ingredients, specialist stabiliser systems (cellulosics), canned meat and canned fish. Ingredient specification & sourcing from 3rd parties globally. Technical auditing.

Commercial & technical management, product development, technical selling, market development.

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  • Northampton, UK
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