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Damien Gleadall-Siddall

Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Nutrition and Biochemistry, University of Hull

I am a Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Nutrition and Biochemistry, teaching and researching within the area of nutrition and exercise physiology. I am broadly conducting research looking at the health benefits of high intensity interval training (HIIT), an increasingly popular type of exercise. I believe exercise is an important part of daily life and can have profound benefits to your health over time.

I work and study at The University of Hull where I am studying for a PhD in Sport, Health and Exercise Science. I also obtained my Master of Science in Sport Science and Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Human Biology at The University of Hull.

My main research interest is attempting to make HIIT accessible to a larger portion of the population by reducing the intensity needed while training, so making this form of exercise easier to complete. While I appreciate this form of training will not be suitable for all, I do believe, a well-designed HIIT programme can be used as part of someone's regular training programme.


  • 2010
    Sodium Bicarbonate Ingestion and Repeated Swim Sprint Performance, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research