Dan’s research interests centre on the fields of international political economy, the politics of the welfare state, ecological economics and the notion of sustainability, and alternative measurements of ‘progress’. His doctoral research looks to develop the scholarship on the political economy of environmental sustainability and the welfare state. Specifically, he attempts to bring together and draw the insights from the academic bodies of work from the sustainability of the welfare state and the post-growth literature in order to draw out their insights for each other and the intractability of engendering a sustainable economic recovery. His focus is on cultivating a political economy which is sensitive both to the needs of those who require state services and the imperatives of respecting the ecological parameters of the biosphere.

In the long-term, he hopes to explore further how conventional modes of progressive politics can adapt to environmental imperatives and contribute to the nascent literature on the political economy of environmental crises and unsustainability. Dan is currently conducting his research at the University of Sheffield and is a co-ordinator of the SPERI post-graduate network.


  • –present
    PhD student, University of Sheffield