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Legalisation, regulation and taxation: not a matter of if, but when. Find out if your ancestors existed in areas when it was legal:

Keep up to date with science by downloading an RSS reader (e.g., Mozilla Thunderbird) and adding the following feed:

Repeat for topics you're interested in, e.g.:"schapelle+corby"&output=rss&num=100&max=100

I like to monitor an expert and a prohibitionist:"russ+belville"%7C"radical+russ"&output=rss&num=100&max=100"kevin+sabet"-"russ+belville"-"radical+russ"&output=rss&num=100&max=100

The first time you add a feed you'll have ~100 articles each feed to skim, but generally only ~10 new articles (usually duplicates and depending on keywords) appear daily. I keep &num=100 &max=100 because often I'm away from the net for long periods and miss things, but you can experiment reducing these numbers to say, 20.

Peace :)

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