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  1. Daryl Deal
    Daryl Deal commented on A rocket scientist’s view of the stockmarket

    When you can buy and sell shares you do not own, and in some cases do not exist in the real world, using "put and call" option! It's a complete mugs game of a tiny minnow swimming among the…

  2. Daryl Deal
    Daryl Deal commented on ANZ imposter takes up new climate tactic

    The polite expression here, as any true cynic would say, there is more here than meets the eye of the beholder. In the modern stock market, one can buy and sell shares without owning any of the stock…

  3. Daryl Deal
    Daryl Deal commented on Smart meters are about as dangerous as ...

    Hmmm, one aspect missing is that smart meters, have a far higher degree of accuracy, when compared to the much older clock and dial units, which by there very nature, do drift in accuracy, over time after…

  4. Daryl Deal
    Daryl Deal replied to a Comment on How do people reject climate science?

    Oh really? Does, your pink fairy fantasy science, explain the reality of the 75% decline in volume of Arctic Sea Ice in the past 1400 years? Skeptical Science fact:…