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  1. David Doe
    David Doe commented on A proposal for a new, mature Australian flag

    An article that raises some interesting discussion topics. I don't particularly enjoy the flag design, but I gather that it is not specifically the point, more a method to engage readers. I really…

  2. David Doe
    David Doe replied to a Comment on An Invisible Art

    Actually, that's a perfectly acceptable use of the term given the context. You might want to look into the ever evolving nature of English before you bleat towards others on its proper use. Is your…

  3. David Doe
    David Doe commented on Milne, leadership and the future of the Greens

    Elected leader unopposed, but there's leadership speculation? Give me a break. We've just been through three years of this kind of speculative nonsense. One can only presume that because of its…

  4. David Doe
    David Doe commented on Is New South Wales really facing a gas crisis?

    So there is no gas crisis, but the potential profit for gas exporters is in jeopardy, in that they might not completely realise every cent possible. Can't wait to see how this one plays out.