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    Dennis Alexander commented on Universities can't win a war on attrition

    Interesting. I'm not convinced by the student as consumer metaphor, but even allowing it to hold, is there a difference in attrition rates between domestic and international students and the various…

  2. Dennis Alexander
    Dennis Alexander commented on Some vital signs for Aboriginal languages

    The wilful ignorance of the political classes often astounds me. As the article says their attitude to verrnacular and bilingual education "... flies in the face of research pointing to the effectiveness…

  3. Dennis Alexander
    Dennis Alexander commented on How we learn grammar

    There is an alternative relatively simple explanation that being given only noun-single adjective combinations in reversed word order to English, participants generalised to reversing English order as…

  4. Dennis Alexander
    Dennis Alexander replied to a Comment on Alain de Botton – a defence

    Never heard of JOMEC or Kerry Moore. Can't be bothered searching out the academic literature on every piece of crap that crosses my attention span every day. That I prefer Boethius to De Botton on…