Derek Wrigley

Architect, industrial designer, inventor of solar architectural devices to capture free natural energies in search for more effective architecture sans egotism.
OAM, DIA Hall of Fame, AIA 'Derek Wrigley Award for Sustainable Architecture'
10 yrs lecturer in building science, UNSW
20 yrs ANU Architect, Design Unit
12 yrs Design Coordinator, Technical Aid to the Disabled ACT
Believes that the Australian housing industry is on the wrong track, should engage in research.
Believes that 'design' as a thinking, creative discipline should be a core subject in general education, being of enormous help in future life and on at least an equal footing with literacy and numeracy which are fundamental tools.
Author "Making your home sustainable"
"Climate change needs housing change"
"Low energy affordable housing"
"Fred Ward, Australian design pioneer"

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