Associate Professor at University of Tasmania
  1. Fred Gale
    Fred Gale authored Timber giant Gunns felled by the 'perfect storm'

    Forestry company Gunns has been entered into voluntary administration after posting a $904 million loss today. Tough economic conditions, including a high Australian dollar and falling woodchip prices…

  2. Fred Gale
    Fred Gale authored Gunns heading for its Tasmanian endgame

    In chess, the endgame takes place when only a handful of pieces are left on the board. In close games, the players must select the best move available to avoid being checkmated. Gunns – Tasmania’s “forest…

  3. Fred Gale
    Fred Gale authored The Tasmanian Forest Agreement: too close to collapse?

    Political scientists now commonly distinguish between ‘government’ and ‘governance’. The former refers to a hierarchical institution while the latter captures the idea of a general process of social steering…

  4. Fred Gale
    Fred Gale authored Is the Tasmanian forest agreement collapsing?

    On 18 May 2011, The Wilderness Society suspended its participation in Tasmania’s forest peace talks. Is this the beginning of the end for these negotiations? Perhaps, but only because the solution emerging…


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