George Naumovski

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To encourage and promote Entrepreneurs, Startups, Innovators, economic growth and businesses through social media.

If you have an idea, ideas or skills, put it out there to see what it can attract and what you can create. Many successful businesses started with an idea, with little to no support and because they put that idea out there and never gave up, that idea has become a success “from 1 person business to global corporations”. If you don’t try then it will never happen so keep at it until you succeed!

To inspire and encourage online for all diversities, people with disabilities and disadvantaged to become Entrepreneurs with economic independence, wealth and empowerment. If you have lost your career or are unemployed, had an injury in your life or have medical conditions and can no longer work or get a job but have an idea, ideas or skills, why not try to create a career or a business as to put your ideas out there.

We need more entrepreneurs, innovators and successful startups to create more jobs, the jobs of the future and economic growth to lift people out of poverty into prosperity.

We should work smarter not harder!