George Naumovski

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Founder & owner of GNCORP - Social media and business consulting to entrepreneurs, startups, innovators, self employed of all types of professions, small & medium businesses, organisations and can join or partner with companies, groups and organisations.

To consult, inspire and encourage people who are unemployed, people with disabilities and who are disenfranchised-disadvantaged to become entrepreneurs to start a their own business.

If you have lost your career or are unemployed, had an injury in your life or have medical conditions-disabilities and cannot gain a suitable career but have skills or experience or ideas, concentrate in creating your own career and business from the abilities you have. Don't think about what you cannot do, only think about what you can do.

GNCORP motto is "if it does not exist, create it" creating something out of nothing and trying to make it into a business by providing business consulting and promoting ideas, new and innovative ideas, entrepreneurs, startups and innovators through the use of social media networks.

No matter who or what you are, where you are in your life, the situation you're in and the circumstances you face, it is never too late to do something or start a business because there is no greater triumph then success.

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