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Professor at the Lancaster Environment Centre and previously co-director of the DEMAND Centre, Lancaster University

My broad area of research interest is the social and spatial dimensions of environmental, sustainability and risk issues.

Recent research and writing has focused on:
- energy and rhythm, applying rhythmanalysis to energy, climate change and environmental justice concerns ('Energy and Rhythm: Rhythmanalysis for a Low Carbon Future' Rowman and Littlefield 2021)

- environmental justice theory, concepts and practice and the investigation of inequalities in the distribution of environmental goods and bads ('Environmental Justice: Concepts, Evidence and Politics' Routledge 2012);

- energy demand and use, energy poverty, vulnerability and thermal comfort (DEMAND Centre and EPSRC projects 'Conditioning Demand' and the 'Interdisciplinary Cluster on Energy Systems, Equity and Vulnerability')

- the social dimensions of sustainable energy technologies, public engagement with community energy projects (TSEC Beyond Nimbysim and Community Energy Initiatives projects);

- risk governance and risk communication related to floods and technological risks (EU CAPHAZ, SCENARIO and ARMONIA projects);

- the use and production of environmental science by NGOs and the commodification of science in consumer products (collaborating with Sally Eden);


  • –present
    Professor, Lancaster University


Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences