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  1. Guy Cox
    Guy Cox commented on The Biennale, Transfield, and the value of boycott

    This is silly, petty and puerile. As Joanna Mendelssohn said in her piece, it's the Australian Goivernment that is to blame for this, not the contractors who do the work. Are we going to boycott…

  2. Guy Cox
    Guy Cox commented on King hits: young men, masculinity and violence

    There are two facts that are being completely ignored in this debate, and they are closely related. 1. These incidents typically occur between 10pm and midnight so closing bars at 1pm has no bearing…

  3. Guy Cox
    Guy Cox commented on Why do we find muscular women wildly perplexing?

    There are several different issues bundled together here. Caster Semenya IS a man (with atypical genitalia) so obviously comments about being intersex are entirely appropriate. Venus and Serena are very…

  4. Guy Cox
    Guy Cox commented on Kevin Rudd defeats Julia Gillard: expert reaction

    Julia Gillard has become the scapegoat for her party. She has demonstrated masterful leadership, got a whole lot of stuff through parliament in spite of being in a minority government, and generally been…