Senior Research Scientist, South Australian Museum

After a career teaching Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of South Australia, Jim has devoted time and energy with the South Australian Museum to the quest of understanding and explaining the evolution of early animal life on Earth.

His main field of research and interpretation is the palaeobiology and environmental setting of the oldest known animal fossils, the Ediacara biota and the Emu Bay Biota from South Australia. This work begins with the spectacular rocks and fossils of the Flinders Ranges and Kangaroo Island in South Australia, and extends to working on fossil-bearing strata of the same age in Canada, the USA, the UK, China and Namibia.

Jim is keen to develop public awareness of the rich geological heritage of South Australia. This is being achieved through development of the South Australian Museum’s Ediacaran Fossils gallery, preparing popular publications, and developing interpretation facilities for the appreciation of the history of life and environments in South Australia.


  • 2012–2018
    Affiliate Professor, University of Adelaide
  • 2004–2018
    Senior Research Scientist Palaeontology, South Australian Museum