Joan Abbott-Chapman

Menzies’ University Associate and retired Professor of Education, University of Tasmania

Joan Abbott-Chapman is a Social Anthropologist who has specialised in the Sociology of Education, graduating with an M.A (Hons) and Ph. D. from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. She held appointments in the Sociology Departments of the Universities of York and Bristol, U.K. and New York, U.S.A. and as Sociologist in the Ministry of Overseas Development, U.K., advising on rural development and population health projects, prior to taking up an appointment in the Faculty of Education, University of Tasmania in 1984. Joan retired as Professor of Education at the end of 2010 and spent a year as a research fellow at the Menzies before retiring at the end of 2011. She has published more than 100 articles, book chapters, books and research reports, as author or co-author. As an Honorary Associate she is collaborating with Prof. Alison Venn and Dr. Seana Gall in their research on the Childhood Determinants of Adult Health (CDAH), with particular focus on the association between education and health factors and the development of a Childhood Health Orientation Index. This research relates to Joan's continuing research interest in the factors affecting adolescent risk-taking and wellbeing, especially with regard to use of alcohol and cigarettes, and her lifelong research and publications on the relationship between young people's educational participation, engagement and attainment and their life opportunities, overall health and wellbeing.