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Professor of Public Policy, University of the West of Scotland

I am a Professor of Public Policy at the University of the West of Scotland (UWS).

I have a PhD in Politics (University of Strathclyde), MSc Public Policy (University of Strathclyde) and a first class BA (Hons) in Public Management (Glasgow Caledonian University). I joined UWS in September 2013 having previously worked as a Policy and Evaluation Adviser for NHS Health Scotland. Major aspects of my research include public health, governance reform, and crisis management.

I undertake collaborative research and consultancy work with a range of public bodies including NHS Education of Scotland, Public Health Scotland, Education Scotland, and Healthcare Improvement Scotland. I work at the research-policy interface and engage with policy-makers on a regular basis.

My health research includes examining the policy implications of the Covid-19 pandemic and what lessons can be learned from the pandemic in order to plan for new threats, such as antimicrobial resistance. I am part of a international NERC-funded study with colleagues at UWS and IIT Bombay to examine the prevalence and regulatory implications of antimicrobials within waste water surrounding pharmaceutical sites.

In terms of governance reform, I research institutional changes and the ways in which the public sector is managed. Most recently, I have been working with colleagues at the University of Dundee to investigate the leadership of co-production within health and social care in Scotland. My interests in governance reform issues has taken me into the public value space and this has resulted in the publication of my most recent book is 'Public Value Management, Reform and Governance in Britain' (2021, Palgrave), which I published with Dr Arno van der Zwet.

I am the Editor of the 'Contemporary Social Science' journal (the flagship journal of the Academy of Social Sciences, published by Taylor and Francis) and Chief Editorial Adviser for Routledge Open Research.

Some of my recent publications (since 2020) include:

Connolly, J; Munro, A., Mulherin, T., MacGillivray, S., Tomas, M., Gray, N,. Anderson, J. (2022, forthcoming), The Leadership of Co-Production in Health and Social Care Integration in Scotland: A Qualitative Study, Journal of Social Policy.

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Moseley, A., & Connolly, J. (2020). The use of inquiry-based learning in public administration education: Challenges and opportunities in the context of internationalization. Teaching Public Administration, 0144739420935971.


  • 2013–present
    Professor of Public Policy, University of the West of Scotland