PhD Candidate in Atmospheric Dynamics, University of Bath

I'm a PhD Student at the University of Bath, researching the sources of gravity waves in the atmosphere.

Gravity waves are just like ocean waves, and form when wind blows over mountains or in large convective storms. These waves propagate through the atmosphere, and when they 'break' have massive impacts on the winds that flow through the atmosphere.

One of the largest problems facing climate models right now is the 'cold-pole' problem, where the southern hemispheric polar vortex breaks up too late in spring. This has been suggested to be because models don't resolve gravity waves made by small, mountainous islands in the southern ocean. My research aims to observe gravity waves and trace them backwards in time to their sources in order to improve our models and understanding of the atmosphere.


  • –present
    PhD Student in Atmospheric Dynamics, University of Bath


  • 2018 
    University of York, Master of Chemistry (MChem)