Lecturer in Evolutionary Biology, Macquarie University

I am generally interested in the ecology and evolution of sexual reproduction, but my specific area of interest lies in the evolutionary outcome of reproductive conflict between and within the sexes. My research deals with the evolution of mating strategies, sexual signalling and mate choice (both pre- & post-copulatory).

The majority of my research has focused on praying mantid mating systems, where I am particularly interested in the evolution of sexual cannibalism and its effect on male mate choice and reproductive success. I have also studied various aspects of mating behaviour in butterflies, orb-web spiders and jumping spiders.


  • 2009–present
    Lecturer/Researcher, Macquarie University
  • 2011–2011
    Endeavour Research Fellow, SUNY


  • 2009 
    Macquarie University, PhD
  • 2004 
    Macquarie University, Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Research Areas

  • Evolutionary Biology (0603)
  • Behavioural Ecology (060201)
  • Animal Behaviour (060801)