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    Kevin Bain replied to a Comment on Economics of Art School

    "After closely reading it a couple more times, I decided that "we" in last and second-last para actually is meant to be "we" and "you" respectively." My mistake…

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    Kevin Bain commented on Economics of Art School

    After reading this article I was confused, because the communication was garbled. In the last para the author seems to foreshadow second thoughts about his conclusions of the penultimate para. After closely…

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    Kevin Bain commented on Richo calls it like it is

    A comment as profound as a tweet now presented as an article at The Conversation! "Deputy prime ministers really should not be seen in public with individuals who are accused of the sorts of transgressions…

  4. Kevin Bain
    Kevin Bain commented on Dear autism theorists, please stump up or shut up

    Andrew, I am quite sad to hear that demanding parents of people with autism are causing such stress to committed and empathetic researchers; this does not help in finding the causes of autism. Unfortunately…