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  1. Lucy
    Lucy replied to a Comment on The myth of merit and unconscious bias

    The article talks about unconscious biases that both women and men have about women and men - I didn't see any mention of the sex of the selection committees. Women are susceptible to the same unconscious…

  2. Lucy
    Lucy commented on The myth of merit and unconscious bias

    Personally I find it annoying that "merit" is used as a reason for having a disproportionately male cabinet, because I thought the role of parliamentarians and the cabinet as well was to represent…

  3. Lucy
    Lucy commented on Why you have to show ID to buy cold and flu tablets

    Living in Victoria, I have found I haven't been able to buy pseudoephedrine for years - and neither can a friend who sometimes suffers from quite bad sinusitis. I think technically we're still…

  4. Lucy
    Lucy commented on Why do female academics give up on becoming professors?

    The path towards becoming a professor seems to be a fairly grueling, uncertain one. I studied for a PhD and then did a postdoc overseas, and it seemed to me that male researchers suffered just as much…