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Maria Doelger Anderson

Vice Dean for Administration, Rutgers University

Maria Anderson is a former world class swimmer. She has a keen research interest in the issues surrounding identity among athletes. Anderson earned her doctorate in Sociology from Stony Brook University under the direction of Professor Norman Goodman. Her dissertation, The Death of “The Dream”: The Experience of the Loss of a Central Identity Among Professional Athletes, involved a research study of what factors may influence how well (or poorly) former professional baseball and football players made the transition to a new identity at the end of their active playing careers. Anderson recently moderated, with co-presenter Tom Diamante, a panel in NYC entitled "Game Over: Successful Career Transformation when the Dream Job Ends." She is currently serving as Vice Dean for Administration, School of Arts & Sciences, Rutgers.


  • 2020–present
    Vice Dean for Administration, School of Arts & Sciences, Rutgers