Visiting Research Fellow in Philosophy, University of Hertfordshire

I specialise in inter-disciplinary research in the Social Sciences and have written popular introductions to the problems of philosophy and the skills of critical thinking. I have a book being published on the sociology of food this year, called provocatively 'I Think Therefore I Eat'! with an emphasis on how historical philosophers have approached the 'food issue'.

Food is very much an interdisciplinary area - though it is often treated in a narrow, specialised way. There is the nutritionist's perspective, the economist's, the cook's, the ecological... the list is as long as we want. And each perspective is 'valid', but only partial. So I think it's a good place to bring in a little philosophy.

Other issues I've investigated include Brexit and energy policy. The former resulted in a series of 'long reads' for the webiste and the latter in a book taking apart the various claims made for nuclear power: that it is 'cheap', 'safe' and (the most recent story) that it is 'environmentally friendly. All of which goes to show how, in so many things, the truth is often hidden behind spurious technicism and a layer of specialist jargon. Which point seems to remind us that all too often, academics in general and philosophers in particular, have privileged that kind of discourse over clearer, more accessible ones with a clear focus on the public good.


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    Visiting Research Fellow in Philosophy, University of Hertfordshire


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    Exeter, Philosophy of Education