Associate Professor, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Griffith University

I began my career in Criminology and Criminal Justice at as researcher at the Australian Institute of Criminology in 1990. Since 1996 I have taught criminology, sociology and policy related subjects in Law, Arts and multi-disciplinary programs at the University of New England, University of Queensland, and Queensland University of Technology, joining the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Griffith University in 2005. From 2012 until 2015 I was Deputy Director and then Director of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security.

My research expertise crosses the fields of drug regulation and policing diversity. Key projects have explored international drug control, justice responses for drug related offenders, punishment practices, community policing in culturally and linguistically diverse communities and policing in differently organised states. I have extensive experience in qualitative research and a strong interest in social and political theory, and in particular, the relationship between theory, policy and practice in the governance of crime.


  • 2004–present
    Associate professor, Griffith University


  • 2002 
    Griffith University, PhD