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  1. Mike Stevens
    Mike Stevens commented on The protected pest: deer in Australia

    Regarding scale, things can be done and case studies do exist that we can learn from especially in NZ and Scotland. Here is a brilliant 5 part doco on the history of NZ's deer program that is worth…

  2. Mike Stevens
    Mike Stevens commented on In defence of invasive alien species

    Dear Alexis Harley, please visit Mt Rothwell Sancturary in Vic, or Mulligans Flat in ACT, or Scotia Sanctuary in NSW, or Arid Recovery in will see what Australia looked like and the ecosystem…

  3. Mike Stevens
    Mike Stevens commented on Endangered species: what makes the list?

    Great article however, no mention of the mis-alignment between EPBC listing and multiple individual state listings and the duplication of processes. This leads to inconsistent management, confusion and…