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Ph.D. Candidate in Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering

My journey began during my undergraduate years at the National University of Singapore, where I dabbled in the development of a skin prosthesis for amputees. This experience marked my first foray into the integration of engineered materials with biological components – a field that I would later become deeply immersed in, combining my love for science with a dedication to enhancing human lives.

Driven by the desire to delve deeper into this fascinating crossroads of physical science, chemistry and biology, I embarked on my Ph.D. at the University of Chicago. In the nurturing environment of the Tian Research Group, I am not just on a career path – I am on a captivating journey. This journey is carefully sculpting me into a pioneering chemist, an innovative nanofabrication and electronic engineer. Moreover, it has honed unique talents within me, transforming me into a dedicated animal caretaker and a proficient specialist in animal surgeries.

Over the past five years, my understanding and skills have deepened. I firmly believe that intertwining diverse knowledge fields is crucial for pushing scientific boundaries. To this end, I have become a steadfast practitioner, collaborating with exceptional professionals, ranging from medical doctors and theorists to artists and entrepreneurs, to advance the frontiers of translational research.

Currently, I am working on optically and electronically mediated systems to address cardiac and neurodegenerative diseases. I look forward to many more milestones in this journey.


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    Ph.D. Candidate in Molecular Engineering , University of Chicago Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering