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  1. Peter Evans
    Peter Evans commented on Abbott's Asia trip comes off – for now

    I get the feeling that we may be being used by China to weaken the "security diamond" or at least used as an entrée to the group. The proposal for Chinese military exercises in Australia could…

  2. Peter Evans
    Peter Evans commented on "Wages explosion" risk not based on facts

    Unfortunately much of the policy these days does not seem to be based on fact. And there seems to be little support for agencies such as the ABS that might provide facts on which to base or analyse policy…

  3. Peter Evans
    Peter Evans commented on Inflation - the dog that didn't bark

    I suspect that the high amount of debt carried by many people is contributing to ongoing low inflation. While the debt was accumulating there were changes in the world economy such as the growth of low…

  4. Peter Evans
    Peter Evans replied to a Comment on Massive deficit comes wrapped in blame

    No Treasury must have lied as this is the first "honest" picture of Australia's budgetary position in six years! We will see how honest it is when forecasts are not revised in the next Budget…