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    Phil S replied to a Comment on Futile research or stealthy censorship?

    If there are "so many" papers in this class, as a start please provide a list of 10 papers that fit your description ("research papers support the original ideological views of the authors…

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    Phil S replied to a Comment on Can Australia afford the Coalition’s NBN?

    It is not an unreasonable assumption that the Labor NBN will run over budget (how much is still up for debate as the $94bn number is an upper bound according to most experts). It is however unreasonable…

  3. Phil S
    Phil S commented on It's time to disconnect from techno-fetishism

    I sort of agree with the author, but at the same time feel he's missed the point. Yes, Deep Blue (or any other fancy computer) has not heralded the rise of AI. But I seriously doubt the programmers…