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  1. Rex Gibbs
    Rex Gibbs commented on Greens Surge to Record 17% in Nielsen Poll

    I have always understood that 'Progressive'was a term the Soviet union liked to refer to its fellow travelers because it carried less baggage than 'Socialist'. I know in my mid 70's…

  2. Rex Gibbs
    Rex Gibbs commented on CSIRO report confirms lag in business internet use

    We have had a web site since pre internet explorer days. All it does is attract tyre kickers and job applicants most of whom can spell their own name but not much else. We are now investing money to actively…

  3. Rex Gibbs
    Rex Gibbs commented on Why energy-saving homes often use more energy

    There is a missing element here. The City apartment dwellers outsource much of their embodied energy and energy consumption. Outsourced meals, exercise and entertainment and garbage handling and other…