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Rhea Seren Phillips

PhD candidate, Swansea University

Rhea Seren Phillips is a PhD candidate at Swansea University. She is researching how the Welsh metrical tradition in English could be used to reconsider a modern Welsh cultural identity.


• The Outsider, Welsh Measures and Metre in the English Language. Poetry Wales. Volume 55. Summer 2019.

• How ancient poetry could help Wales understand its modern cultural identity. Available from: The Conversation. 12.04.2018. Translated into Welsh by Patrick Jemmer and republished on Parallel.Cymru. 07.06.2018.

• How Poets Revived the Story of the Last Welsh Princess of Wales. Available from: Over 3,900 views with a book request from readers. The Conversation. 04.08.2017. Translated into Welsh by Patrick Jemmer and republished on Parallel.Cymru. 23.05.2018.

• Welsh Poetic Forms and Metre ‒ A History. Available from: The Luxembourg Review. 02.08.2017. Translated into Welsh by Patrick Jemmer and republished on Parallel.Cymru. 14.06.2018.

• How the Welsh Developed their own Form of Poetry. Available from: Over
3,500 views with article requests from other publications (The Luxembourg Review). The Conversation. 08.03.2017. Translated into Welsh by Patrick Jemmer and republished on Parallel.Cymru. 31.05.2018.


• Two poems in Tears in the Fence. Issue 70. 15.09.2019.
• Poem in Cheval 12. 07.2019.
• Poem in Black Bough. Issue 1. Summer 2019.
• Three poems in The Edge of Necessary: Welsh Innovative Poetry 1966-2018.
Boiled String and Aquifer Press. 30.10.2018.
• Three poems in Molly Bloom. Issue 17. 09.2018.
• Three poems in Cheval 11. 07.2018.
• Two poems in Envoi. 07.2018.
• Three poems in Poetry Wales. Issue 54.1. Summer 2018.
• Two poems in The Lonely Crowd. Issue 9. 04.2018.
• Two poems in Molly Bloom. Issue 15. 01.2018.


• Cyflwyno Beirdd Cymreig/Introducing Welsh Poets. Short-term development project funded by Parallel.Cymru. The project is available online: I researched and contacted respected poets, academics and professionals in Wales requesting contributions to the project. I was responsible for managing, editing, structuring and ensuring the project was ready for publication within the deadline. September 2018 ‒ February 2019.

Work History

CDSM Interactive Solutions, Swansea. 20.09.2016 - 19.01.2017. Instructional Designer.

• Wrote instructional e-learning and blended learning training content for Honda and Mitsubishi.

• Wrote and edited articles for the CDSM blog, supervised by the Customer Service Manager.

• Wrote and designed e-learning and blended learning playlists for an online marketing campaign.

( - responsible for the eleven playlists from Halloween to The New Pound Coin is on its Way!)


• I was contacted by Ffyone Private House School to organise and deliver a one-hour workshop for children aged ten to twelve. The workshop was an introduction to the Welsh metrical tradition. 07.07.2019.

• Organised and delivered a two-hour workshop titled An Introductory Workshop into Welsh Poetic Forms and Metre in the English Language. The workshop was hosted by People Speak Up, Ffwrnes Theatre. Attendance: 14 people. 15.06.2018.

• Organised and delivered an hour workshop about Welsh poetic forms and metre in the English language. The workshop was hosted by Swansea and District Writers’ Circle. Attendance: 14 people. 2014.


  • –present
    Ph.D Student of Creative Writing, specialising in Poetry and Poetic Forms and Metre, Swansea University


  • 2014 
    Swansea University, MA

Grants and Contracts

  • 2010
    Creative Writing
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