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Roger Simpson

  1. Roger Simpson
    Roger Simpson commented on Free speech: what it is and what it isn't

    Thank you for your insightful article, beautifully explained. The next time I meet a libertarian I will swing my arms wildly in a scything pattern and claim it my individual right. If they are irresponsible…

  2. Roger Simpson
    Roger Simpson replied to a Comment on Commission of Audit should know costs but appreciate value

    But everything is going so badly we must cut wages, destroy unions and worker entitlements... Oh no that's just the social re-organIsation narrative dictated by the neo-cons at the IPA.

  3. Roger Simpson
    Roger Simpson commented on The politics of deindustrialisation

    Great article. You mention... "There is such a thing as society and it needs long-term vision and a plan for broadly-based economic development if it is to be sustained". The point of difference…