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James Martin Fellow, Oxford Martin School, Environmental Change Institute and Institute for Science Innovation and Society, University of Oxford

Tim manages an Oxford Martin School programme at the University of Oxford which explores ways of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The programme assesses a wide range of proposed techniques to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to determine which if any of them are technically feasible, environmentally safe and socially acceptable.

He has a broad interest in the potential of proposed geoengineering techniques as a response to climate change, and in the governance issues associated with them.

He has investigated in detail one potential geoengineering technique, that of adding alkalinity to the ocean as a way of enhancing its capacity to act as a carbon sink and to counteract the effects of ocean acidification. He is also interested in how proper governance can ensure that any research in this field is undertaken in a responsible way.

Tim is one of the authors of the Oxford Principles - a set of draft guidelines for the conduct of geoengineering research which have been adopted as policy by the UK Government.


  • –present
    James Martin Fellow, Oxford Geoengineering Programme, University of Oxford