Senior Lecturer in Biology, The Open University

I joined the OU in late 2006 from the Department of Metabolic Medicine, Imperial College London. Prior to that I have held positions at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) field station and the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW).

I am a Council member of the SRF (Society for Reproduction & Fertility).

My research interests are very broadly in the areas of:

Endocrinology of pregnancy and lactation and the regulation of appetite
Metabolic adjustments to the increased appetite of pregnancy and lactation
My current research concerns hormonal changes and interactions during mammalian pregnancy and lactation, focusing on appetite regulation by gastrointestinal hormones such as peptide YY and ghrelin. Pregnancy and lactation are physiological states characterised by metabolic changes associated with increased appetite and feeding behaviour. These occur due to changes in the setpoints of a number of orexigenic (appetite-stimulating) and anorexigenic (appetite-suppressing) signals as well as increased body weight, partly due to the promotion of adipose tissue accretion in gestation to meet increased metabolic demands. Understanding the mechanisms behind these physiological shifts and the influence of maternal energy status on developing offspring may provide important insights for human health management.

Research areas cover: hormone interactions during different metabolic states, focusing on appetite regulation by gut-brain hormones, especially during development, pregnancy and lactation. Subject specialities include: reproductive physiology; endocrinology; nutrition; metabolism; obesity.


  • 2006–present
    Lecturer in Biology, The Open University
  • 2014–present
    Biology Associate Programme Director/Qualification Lead, The Open University
  • 2015–present
    Senior Lecturer in Biology, The Open University


    The Royal Veterinary College, University of London, PhD
    The University of Liverpool, BSc(Hons) Zoology
    The Open University, PGCE Science