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Has Donald Trump alienated women, African American and Hispanic voters, leaving him with a support base of largely white men? Cristobal Herrera/EPA

Race to the White House – How gender, race and class are shaping the election

Race to the White House - Episode 7 The Conversation, CC BY-ND36.7 MB (download)

This week on Race to the White House, Brendon O’Connor and Anthony Dockrill are joined by Cedric Johnson, Sekile Nzinga-Johnson and Thomas Adams as they discuss how gender, race and class are shaping the voting patterns in this election.

Will female voters desert Donald Trump, leaving him with a comprised largely of “white trash” men, as they have repeatedly been repeatedly labelled by some elements of the US press?

And have the Democrats lost white working class voters?

Race to the White House podcast is a collaboration between the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, 2ser 107.3 and The Conversation.

Anthony Dockrill is a producer and presenter and the current Program Manager at 2SER 107.3.

2ser 107.3 is a community radio station jointly owned by Macquarie University and the University of Technology, Sydney.

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