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‘Rogue planets’ born outside solar systems

Free-floating, “rogue” planets that don’t orbit a star can form on their own outside a solar system.

Astronomers observed the Rosette Nebula which is filled with tiny clouds called “globulettes”. They believe these globulettes collapse under their own weight and form free-floating planets.

Traditionally, scientists believed rogue planets were formed within and then ousted from an existing solar system.

Read more at Chalmers University of Technology

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  1. Mark Amey

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    Looks like an interesting article...unfortunately blocked by a paywall.

    1. Andy Casey

      logged in via Twitter

      In reply to Mark Amey

      Thankfully almost all astronomy/astrophysics research papers are also provided through open access for free. Unfortunately they can be difficult to find for the non-professional astronomer. Here is the link for the open access version of this paper:

    2. Mark Amey

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      In reply to Andy Casey

      Andy, thanks for the link. Sometimes it's a real tease having the precis of an interesting article, with no link.

      Thanks again.