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The London Paralympic Games - legacies for all?

Will the Paralympics inspire greater social inclusivity for people with impairments? Rushbypics

The London Paralympic Games is now upon us. The Opening Ceremony has been held with all the pomp and ceremony of any other major event.

But what does this event do for promoting the inclusivity of people with impairments into daily life?


Should we expect it to?

It will be interesting to see how the general media and the associated blogging/tweeting/Facebooking discusses and digests the London Paralympic Games.

Will we see the usual grandiose statements about “Overcoming adversity” or “Heroic triumphs” being connected to elite athletes. Athletes who are focused on participating and achieving the best they can (like all elite athletes)?

Or will we see a more mature dialogue acknowledging these athletes athleticism and achievements? Do we need be reminded of their differences?

Can the London Paralympic Games show impairment does not mean disability? All people have abilities that can enable them to achieve personal outcomes.

I am keen to see how these Games unfold across the next 12 days of competition. I will be interested to see how these Games are reported.