Election 2013 media panel

The Murdoch media continues to campaign against our children’s futures

Gillard Climate Change Protest

Over the last few days there has been much discussion here and elsewhere about the Murdoch media bias against the government as well as its push to get the Coalition elected.

A much bigger problem for the children of today and tomorrow is the continuing efforts of the Murdoch media in Australia to undermine the scientific consensus regarding climate change and oppose more serious policies aimed at preventing dangerous climate change. The Murdoch media in the USA is notorious for adopting a similar stance.

This position stands in stark contrast with the increasingly urgent calls for serious action from climate scientists.

Yesterday I posted here on how the mainstream media and the Coalition are not fair dinkum about climate change. When seen in this light, the current campaign in support of the Coalition is consistent with the ongoing Murdoch media campaign against climate science.

As a child advocate and someone who cares deeply about the condition of the planet we leave to the children of today and tomorrow I believe that it will be on this issue that our kids will judge the Murdoch media most harshly.