The untold story of shark nets in Australia

Shark nets have been proven to hurt sharks, but does that help humans? AAP

Western Australia’s Cottesloe Beach has been closed due to concerns a swimmer there was taken by a great white shark.

The public is understandably worried, but the local mayor says no shark nets will be installed. Is this the right decision? Do shark nets work?

How did all this netting get started?

Along 51 beaches and 250 kilometers of New South Wales coastline, beach nets line the surf.

Beach nets were approved in 1935, but only as a two-year experiment. However, by 1937 there had been no shark bites and no Government funding.

The reason the state financed netting that year was NSW’s imminent 150th Anniversary: state politicians were worried there would be a shark attack during the celebration.

Does the shark net make Balmoral safer, or is it just good politics? elektrik98