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Two Sleeps Until the November 14 Solar Eclipse

There’s just two sleeps to go until the Solar Eclipse on Wednesday 14 November 2012. This is the first significant solar eclipse since 2002. If you want to make a last minute dash to north Queensland to get in the path of totality, you are probably out of luck. Flights and accommodation will be hard to get (and quite expensive), and there are no hire cars to be had for love nor money.

Eclipse sequence as seen from Adelaide, 6:50-8:10 am ACDST Ian Musgrave

I’m heading up to Cairns myself, but if you are staying home, then most of Australia will see a very nice partial eclipse. There is still plenty of time to organise safe solar projection devices, but if you want to buy eclipse glasses or solar filter material then you will have to get a move on.

I have a reasonably comprehensive web page for eclipse viewing, as well I have a handy, printable PDF page that lists a whole bunch of eclipse times  which you can carry around with you. It also has a bunch of things for kids to do.

The eclipse starts shortly after sunrise. Here’s a quick table of eclipse times to whet you appetite for the upcoming event.

City State Time Zone First Contact Mid Eclipse % Sun Covered Last Contact
Adelaide SA ACDST 6.42 7.33 52% 8:22
Alice Springs NT ACST 5:27 6:16 73% 7:10
Brisbane QLD AEST 5:56 6:54 83% 7:58
Cairns QLD AEST 5.45 6.38 100% (total eclipse) 7.40
Canberra ACT AEDST 7:10 8:03 62% 9.02
Darwin NT ACST 5:17 (below horizon) 6:06 (just below horizon) 98% 7:00
Hobart TAS AEDST 6:55 7:44 45% 8:36
Melbourne VIC AEDST 7:15 8:05 53% 8:59
Mossman QLD AEST 5.44 6.38 100% (total eclipse) 7.40
Perth WA WADST 5:21 (below horizon) 6:00 (just below horizon) 40% 6:41
Port Douglas QLD AEST 5.44 6.37 100% (total eclipse) 7.39
Rockhampton QLD AEST 5:51 6:48 90% 7:52
Townsville QLD AEST 5:47 6:42 96% 7:43
Sydney NSW AEDST 7:06 8:01 68% 9:02